Tisha Kresler, Senior Advisor

Tisha Kresler has more than 15 years of experience leading high-stakes corporate communications, media relations and crisis preparedness and response.

Tisha has designed and implemented comprehensive corporate and executive communications strategies for C-suite executives, Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, and nonprofits to raise profiles, elevate the profile of businesses and organizations, and safeguard reputations. Her experience also includes providing expert strategy, tactics and guidance during fast-moving crises playing out in real-time, such as lawsuits, consumer boycotts, social media attacks, government investigations, leadership transitions, cultural issues, etc.

Tisha’s previous posts include serving as Executive Vice President at Rubenstein, leading, developing and implementing integrated proactive and reactive corporate communications, crisis communications and executive thought leadership campaigns.

Prior to Rubenstein, Tisha served as Director of Media Relations for Global Crossing, where she developed and implemented communications strategy for the company during one of the largest bankruptcies at that time throughout the restructuring, emergence and re-listing (NASDAQ) process.